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Watch the complete set filmed on March 15 at LIC culture lab, available in the video section or by clicking below.


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Footage from our Summer 2021 concert at Shapeshifterlab is now online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYpUoe_azLc and

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Live Discussion: Charlie Haden and Ornette Coleman - ISB Virtual Convention 2021

I will be presenting at the International Society of Bassists 2021 Virtual Convention on Thursday June 10th, a discussion of Charlie Haden's performances with Ornette Coleman.  This presentation is co-hosted by Dr. Fumi Tomita, and features a ...

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The Music of Gary Peacock and Paul Bley (JSC Listening & Discussion)

Sunday December 13th

4-5pm (EST)



Jazz Studies Collaborative Listening Party

Presented by Fumi Tomita


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Progressive Jazz Bass Repertoire Version 2.1 Available Now
Version 2.1 of my book of jazz bass transcriptions is out today and is free to download.

This update contains new transcriptions from Cachao, Andy Gonzalez, Philly Joe Jones, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and an ...

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Ron Carter, Walking.

Ron Carter, Walking.

Jul 20, 2020 | Posted by: Robert Sabin

Not letting a quarantine stand in his way, Ron Carter has been creating and releasing some exceptional online content lately. One of these gems is an 11-minute 35-chorus walking bassline performance of “C Jam Blues” ...

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Progressive Jazz Double Bass Repertoire (Second Edition)

The 2020 version of an extensive collection of jazz bass transcriptions is out today and is free to download.

Progressive Jazz Bass Repertoire is the second version of an annually updated ...

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2018 ISME Conference Azerbijan

I will be presenting and performing at this year’s international society of music education conference in Baku, Azerbaijan the week of July 16-20.  Monday will be a talk on jazz education & psychology, while Thursday there will be a ...

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I will be appearing at this year's JEN conference in Dallas, Tx presenting a bass clinic and research paper.  At 9am I will present a clinic for non-bassists entitled "Getting Friendly with the Low End" which is desigbned to be a large group ...

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